5 Types Of Children’s Electric Toothbrushes

If your child is brushing their teeth properly, it can be hard to tell what’s really going on inside their mouth. A new toothbrush is not only a better way to ensure healthy teeth, but its features can also help you keep your kids safe from tooth decay. This guide covers 7 types of children’s electric toothbrushes and the features they each have in order to help you choose the right one for your family.

1. Oral-B Advanced Cavity Protection Kids Bundle

The Oral-B Advanced Cavity Protection Kids Bundle is a new and improved toothbrush that has several innovative features that are in the best interest of your child’s oral hygiene. For instance, there are bristles at the back of the brush designed to reach places that ordinary brushes cannot. The gum shield also protects against plaque buildup as it cleans under the gums by gently massaging them. The main feature is that it has a timer for two minutes. This works well to actually give your kids attention, if they have been playing around with this device for too long or are too excited to brush their teeth the entire two minutes. The timer helps keep children from messing around with this device and accidentally turning it off, which would result in not brushing their teeth for about 20 minutes.

2. Spiderman Kids Electric Toothbrush Bundle

This set includes the children’s electric toothbrush with Spider-Man featured on the handle and a Extra Soft Replacement Brush Heads that features Spiderman. The non-slip grip fits little hands. Its dual speed settings allow it to work for kids of all ages, while its intelligent timer ensures that brushing is always done properly.

3. Oral-B + Crest Color Changing Electric Toothbrush Bundle

It includes 4 different handle stickers in 3 designs that allow to personalize your oral care routine after every brushing session. The toothbrush has durable and safe bristles for improved cleaning experience with less plaque buildup. It also has an energy efficient motor that delivers up to 50% more strokes/minute than traditional rotary brushes. Further, the soft, gentle brush head is ideal for sensitive gums and teeth while improving brushing effectiveness by 30%.

4. Oral-B + Crest Color Changing Battery Toothbrush Bundle

The Oral-B + Crest Color Changing Battery Toothbrush Bundle includes four handle stickers, one sensitive brush head, two AA batteries and one Oral-B kids battery toothbrush featuring Chameleon. The brush head is designed to get to teeth at a 45 degree angle for a more thorough clean. The toothbrush has extra soft bristles for easier brushing of sensitive teeth. The oral-B kids toothbrush is a two-minute brush head designed for kids ages 4 and up. This kid’s toothbrush comes with the Oral-B Kids Speedy Clean Smart Brush Head Refills. An entire package offers a convenient way for parents to keep their child clean and comfortable at home, on the go or in your car.

5. STAR WARS Kids Electric Toothbrush for Kids Ages 6+

Kids love Star Wars and their parents love peace of mind. Oral-B has swept in with an electric toothbrush for kids that will make both sides happy. It is the perfect product for an avid Star Wars fan looking to take a break from brushing manually. You can help your child learn healthy brushing habits by using the pressure sensor to let them know when they are brushing too hard. When the handle vibrates, it is time to ease up. This feature also helps kids focus on areas of the mouth that are most important for effective brushing. The Oral-B Star Wars Kids electric toothbrush has a timer built in. It will play different sounds to remind children when they need to switch areas of the mouth and brush for longer. The timer will help your child meet a dentist recommended two minutes of brushing time.

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