7 Men’s Belt Selection

1. Teyo Woven Belt - Black

A woven leather belt has never been this positive in terms of its quality and production sustainability. Created using soft leather and hand woven with brass-finished buckle to complete a premium accessory. Available in S, M, and L belt sizes.

2. Teyo Woven Leather Belt

Nisolo’s Teyo Woven Leather Belt selection is known for its great fit and stylish look. Featuring soft, woven leather to provide the best fit and comfort for the wearer. Available in Tobacco hue and in belt sizes Small and Medium. Order now and get a free shipping offer for orders over $200.

3. Teyo Leather Belt

Nisolo subscribes to a philosophy where a product should be made in high quality while making sure that the lives of the actual workers are enhanced and without any sacrifices for the planet. Amazing, right? You can appreciate such philosophy in their Teyo Leather Belt products like this Brandy colored one. Hand woven soft leather with a brass finished buckle is what you can add in your wardrobe’s accessory section. A special Nicolo Leather Care Kit can be added to every order as well.

4. Owen Belt

Owen Belt features a waterproof leather body that is 1.25 inches wide with a brass buckle. Available in a classic Tobacco tint that can complement any wardrobe staple. For best fit, know your actual pant size and order your own Owen Belt at one size larger. Available in sizes from 28-32 and 40-44.

5. Nisolo Owen Belt

Nisolo’s Owen Belt series features handy and comfortable leather belts that would give one’s outfit that final, perfect complement. Made from soft leather and handmade from a sustainable and ethical factory that the company operates in Peru. Also, it is lightweight, water-resistant, and trendy. Check out the available sizes for the best fit for you.

6. Men’s Leather Belt

Looking for the perfect men’s belts for yourself or for another? This waterproof, handy, and fashionable Owen Leather Belt is a great choice. Available in classic Brown color and in various sizes like 28-32 or 40-44. Add the Nicolo Leather Care Kit to your Owen Belt order for your accessory’s protection.

7. Owen Leather Belt

Accessorize in this stylish and classic Owen Leather Belt that is available in vintage Black color. A handmade product featuring soft, waterproof leather with a brass buckle. It is advised to order in size more than your actual one for a better fit.

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