8 Beauty Products That Will Transform Your Look Instantly

1. Signature Lip

A moisturizing lipstick with a soft satin finish made to emphasize the lustrous and glossy appearance of your lips. The formula includes squalene and sunflower seed oil for hydrating and conditioning the lips, as well as stabilized vitamin C that diffuses the appearance of fine lines. Best of all, it can be layered.

2. Great Skin

Combining 4 types of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and multiple herbal extracts, this serum is going to completely revitalize your skin. You won’t have to worry about it drying off as it absorbs quickly and prepares the skin for makeup. When combined with a complexion product, it’ll make you glow.

3. Clean Lash

Give your lashes the care they deserve with the lengthening mascara. The special tubing technology defines each lash without any smudging while the fatty acids and vitamin B5 keep your lashes healthy. You can easily remove it using just warm water and a cleanser.

4. Flush Balm

Versatile and simple to apply, this flush balm has been specially formulated to be safe for acne-prone skin. It gives you a fully natural appearance without covering up your skin texture. Unlike most balms, this one is neither greasy nor heavy, and with the help of vitamin E, it will leave the skin moisturized and smooth.

5. Brush No.1

If you want to achieve seamless transitions between your skin and your makeup, you need a high-quality blending brush. The No.1 brush features densely packed, soft vegan bristles for easy blending, Also, the handle is made out of 100% recyclable aluminum, making it completely environmentally friendly.

6. Brow 1980

Add volume and fullness to your eyebrows with the mineral-based pomade from MERIT. It grooms the brows into place and provides flexible, all-day hold without smudging or flaking. With the addition of kaolin clay and mineral pigments, you’ll be able to retain that genuine, raw appearance.

7. Bronze Balm

The recognizable sun-kissed glow is now readily available with the bronze balm. Depending on the look that you’re aiming towards, you can either use the wider or the narrower side. The lightweight cream formula can be blended with both Brush No.1 and your fingers.

8. The Minimalist

A 2-in-1 foundation and concealer, the Minimalist is a complexion stick with light-to-medium coverage that helps eliminate pigmentation and dark spots. The compact tube is travel-friendly, allowing you to store it easily and take it anywhere you go.

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