8 Best Men’s Snow Jackets To Never Miss In Your Closet

If you’re anything like me, you hate the cold more than just about anything. And with winter here, it’s time to prepare for the long winter ahead. If you need a little extra warmth when it’s below zero outside and snowing like crazy, then men’s snow jackets are what they are needed for. Here are 8 great options that will keep your body temperature up and your spirits high during this very cold time of year.

1. Men's Burton [ak] Cyclic GORE‑TEX 2L Jacket.

Fitting like a glove, the Burton [ak] is one of the warmest winter jackets you can find, and it comes at a fantastic price. With its durable, waterproof GORE‑TEX 2L fabric and high-quality down insulation, this jacket will keep you toasty even in bitter cold temperatures.

2. Men's Burton [ak] Velocity GORE‑TEX 2L Anorak Jacket.

Looking for a jacket that will keep you warm but still look cool? The Velocity is absolutely perfect for just that. With its full-length GORE‑TEX 3L fabric, this jacket will block out the wind and keep your body toasty no matter what the temperature.

3. Men's Burton [ak] Tusk GORE-TEX 3L PRO Jacket.

You’re going to want to add the Burton [ak] Tusk GORE-TEX 3L PRO down jacket to your list of must-have items for this winter. This jacket is made with a GORE-TEX 3L fabric that makes you feel warm and dry, no matter the standing water or snow on the ground.

4. Men's Burton Carbonate GORE-TEX 3L Jacket.

Waterproof, breathable, and durable, this jacket has it all. The Burton Carbonate GORE-TEX 3L Jacket is great for winter because of its full-length waterproof GORE-TEX 3L shell that comes in a super warm design to keep you comfortable in the cold. Not only is this jacket lightweight and sleek, but it also has elastic cuffs with Velcro closures to keep the wind out and warmth in.

5. Men's Burton Frostner 2L Anorak Jacket.

Every fleece jacket you buy will be a classic forever in your closet; this is especially true about the Burton Frostner 2L Anorak Jacket. With its water-resistant 100% polyester microfleece and synthetic filling, you’ll never have to worry about staying warm even when it’s freezing out.

6. Men's Burton Dunmore 2L Jacket.

If you like your jacket to have a little more style to it, then the Burton Dunmore 2L Jacket is for you. The Dunmore is made with waterproof, breathable GORE‑TEX 2L fabric that will keep you dry and warm, no matter the cold or rain. As a bonus, this jacket also has hand-warming pockets with a zip closure for extra warmth and comfort in case it gets a little too chilly out.

7. Men's Burton Lodgepole 2L Jacket.

Looking for a jacket that is both breathable and waterproof? Look no further than the Burton Lodgepole 2L Jacket. With its GORE-TEX 3L fabric in a relaxed fit, this jacket will keep you warm no matter the weather or environment.

8. Men's Burton Covert 2L Jacket (Slim Fit).

Looking for a jacket to make you look even more fashionable? The Burton Covert 2L Jacket is the way to go. This jacket is made with a waterproof, wind-resistant GORE-TEX fabric that will keep you warm no matter the weather. Not only does this jacket keep you dry, but it also has a nice slim fit to make it look stylish while keeping your body heat up.

These awesome jackets will be a great addition to your closet and will help you stay warm and comfortable all winter long. Whether you’re looking to escape the cold or look super cool in your new jacket, these men’s snow jackets should be on your list of must-haves this winter.

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