8 Best Wetsuits for The Ultimate Summer Look

Purchasing a new wetsuit can be quite a challenge. There are so many different styles, colors, and patterns to look for in a new wetsuit. However, choosing the right one for your needs is the only way to ensure you make the best out of your summer experience. Swim Outlet offers a variety of wetsuits for men and women of all ages. Here is a list of their best products.

1. Men's Hurricane Cat 1 Fullsleeve Triathlon Wetsuit

Made of 100% Slick Skin Neoprene, this men’s wetsuit is a full suit with a back zip closure. It is comfortable and ideal for both beginners and professional triathletes. It has a classic black color and is resistant to abrasion. It can also, help maximize speed and minimize drag at the same time.

2. Women's G Bomb Long Sleeve Sublimated Bikini Cut Springsuit

An elegant wetsuit made of neoprene, this long-sleeved product matches every woman’s style. It features a front zip and has a cheeky leg cut. It is made in Thailand from high-quality materials and has a beautiful dark blue color with some light blue details on its sides.

3. Women's Torque Pro Swim Skin

With a hydrophilic outer layer and a 0.5% water absorption rate on the interior, Torque Pro Swim Skin is the ideal women’s swim skin for non-wetsuit races. It is available in sizes ranging from x-small to x-large and has a back coil zipper to help keep stable all day long.

4. Women's 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuit

The major features of this Springsuit are its long sleeves, high-cut legs, zip-back closure, and smooth-skin collar. It is made of a combination of neoprene, nylon, and spandex for maximum elasticity and comfort. It offers full bottom coverage and has a flatlock seam construction.

5. Men's Hurricane Cat 1 Neoprene Buoyancy Swim Shorts

This neoprene short features an adjustable drawcord at the waist and a pull-on performance. It offers the additional buoyancy around your hips you need to improve your position in the water and promises easy movement at all times. It is available in a single black/grey color.

6. Men's Venture Wetsuit

Suitable for both open-water swimming and triathlons, this men’s wetsuit is made of 90% neoprene and 10% nylon. It features a 2mm thickness around the shoulders and under the arms to allow maximum swimming performance. It is available in a combination of black and orange colors.

7. Women's Ocean Ramsey Axis 1.5MM Long Sleeve Front Zip Spring Suit

One of the most stylish women’s spring suits, this product is both elegant and comfortable at the same time. On the arms, it features a dolphin pattern and its overall color is gunmetal. It belongs to the Ocean Ramsey Collection and has a comfortable 7-thread seam construction.

8. Women's Ocean Ramsey Axis 2mm Long Sleeve Back Zip Spring Suit

Available in two different beautiful color combinations, black/whale shark and black/water, this spring suit is perfect for surfing or other sea activities. It features a back-zip, cheeky leg cut, and flatlock seams. It is made of high-quality and durable neoprene and belongs to the stylish Ocean Ramsey Collection.

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