8 Of The Best Jewelry Sets From Made By Mary

Made By Mary is a woman-owned company that goes out of its way to make people feel special. The clever use of affordable metals and stones creates the look of high-end pieces for those on smaller budgets. The jewelry sets offer great range and value. Here are 8 of the best.

1. Baguette Stud Set

Stud sets are a great way to get two understated looks in one set. The Baguette set has the standard baguette cut cubic zirconia with the triple design in gold vermeil or sterling silver.

2. Cosmic Stud Set

This stud set is a little more playful in its design with the star and lightning bolt shapes. They are small but dynamic and would work well when worn asymmetrically.

3. Day-to-Night Stud Set

This set goes even further with its option by offering three different pairs. The idea here is that you get the simple little day studs to wear at work with no problems, the fun little clusters, and then the more dramatic bars for nighttime.

4. 25mm Luxe Hoop & Stacking Band Set

For those that aren’t into studs, there is the option of a pair of larger hoops and a matching stacking band. There are a few of these luxe models in different sizes with delicate cubic zirconia stones.

5. Birthstone Stacking Band and Stud Earrings Set

This set is great for those that want to make someone’s birthday even more special. The birthstone stud earrings are pretty on their own. However, pairing them with a matching stacking band is even better.

6. Pride Ring and Hoop Earring Set

A fun alternative matching set is this Pride option. There are colored stones in the hoops and ring to represent the colors on the pride flag. It is a great moment of self-expression or a gift from an ally.

7. Curb Necklace and Bracelet Set

Finally, we have a couple of necklace and bracelet sets. This first one has a more masculine vibe with the chunk curb chain and is sure to catch the eye. As with the earrings, there is the choice of sterling silver or a gold-filled metal.

8. Figaro Necklace and Bracelet Set

Then there is the more delicate Figaro set with interesting links throughout the chain. The bracelet and necklace match perfectly, allowing for a sophisticated look when out to dinner.

All of these great Made By Mary jewelry sets give wearers the chance to enhance their look with great matching pieces. The range is fun and able to turn heads with ease.

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