9 Nail Art Stickers Designed To Impress

Nail art stickers make it easy to take your nails to the next level without spending hundreds at the nail salon. If you have ever wanted themed nails or just like to toy with fashion, then these nail art stickers are perfect. Easy to apply, they offer everything from themes to geometric shapes and designs you don’t need a steady left hand to pull off. Ready to be the envy of your friends? Check out our top nine picks and get inspired.

1. Shimmery Stars

Whether you have always dreamed of heading to the moon or are just inspired to reach for the stars, these nail art stickers should do the trick. They are also the perfect way to quickly cover up a chipped nail!

2. Say It With Bubble Letters

Are you the type who texts in emojis and catchphrases? Skip communicating altogether and let your nails do the talking with these fun nail art stickers.

3. Eye Love Your Mani

Let’s be honest, these nail art stickers had us with their title, but we still have to say the designs are pretty neat. Who doesn’t wish they had a third eye? It may not be in the back of your head, but it’s pretty handy!

4. Simple And Shiny

Not sure how steady your hand is going to be when you apply nail art stickers the first time? Keep it simple and shiny with this handy set. Once you get used to the process then you can try out more complex geometric shapes.

5. Cabana Love

Are you headed to the beach or a tropical paradise? Nothing spells out tropical vacation quite like pink flamingos. Not headed to the beach? Nothing is cuter than pink flamingos. It’s a win-win situation with these nail art stickers.

6. On The Dotted Line

If you are looking for a more professional nail job, consider these geometric shapes designed to add subtle flair to your nails so it looks like you paid someone to do your manicure. Also, a great way to cover up a small scratch.

7. Loveliest Day

Summer is the month of daises and flowers and everything is nice. That also makes it the perfect month for these flowery nail art stickers.

8. Tropical Vibes

Not everyone can get to the beach, but with these nail art stickers, you can bring the beach to you. Vibrant and simple, these flowers take any design up a notch instantly.

9. Everyday Bouquet

You won’t need anybody to bring you flowers when you have these cute flowery nail art stickers to look at any time you like.

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