Best 8 Running Shoes From Altrunning

Exploring trails should be a fun and comfortable experience. Well, the extent to which enjoy yourself depends on the shoe you wear, which is why in this post, we have researched and gathered 8 women’s trail running shoes.

1. Women Outroad 2

The Women Outroad 2 is a high-performance trail shoe engineered to handle every stride you take on all your light trail adventures. SLIM FOOTSHAPE™ FIT, which allows for a more comfortable wearing experience by allowing your toes to spread out in their natural position. This shoe is built to be durable and comfortable.

2. Women's Superior 6

For a faster running experience on your trail rumblings, you might want to try out the Women’s Superior 6. The shoe features an elevated superior coupled with a lightweight design, ensuring that it doesn’t weigh you down in your runs. The MaxTrac™ outsole ensures a maximum grip on every step you take.

3. Women's Olympus 5

If you have wide feet, the Women’s Olympus 5 might be the ideal running companion. This shoe features the patented ORIGINAL FOOTSHAPE™ FIT which is designed to give your feet as much room as they need. The outsole is engineered with high-performance rubber which provides an excellent grip on various dry floors.

4. Women's Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc is a versatile shoe designed to handle running on all kinds of terrains. Everything from the design to the aesthetics of this shoe is designed to be breathable, long-lasting, and with high-endurance.

5. Women's Timp 4

The Women’s Timp 4 is designed for those long-hours or all-day running adventures. It features a balanced cushion to ensure that you have enough cushion for comfort; however, not soo much that it weighs you down. Also, it is worth noting that this is one of the few shoes with an American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance.

6. Women's Lone Peak 7

For a more natural running experience on tricky trails, you might want to try out the Lone Peak 7. The midsole of the shoe features the Altra EGO™ foam which is designed to provide great responsiveness without compromising comfort. The MAXTRAC™ outsole gives you great grip and traction.

7. Women's Lone Peak All-wthr Mid 2

The Lone Peak All-Wthr Mid 2 offer the comfort you need in a hiking boot when exploring your favorite hiking spots. It is designed to fit comfortably thanks to features like BALANCED CUSHIONING™ and ALTRA EGO™.

8. Women's Olympus 5 Hike Low Gtx

To wrap it all up we have a more technical running shoe with the Women’s Olympus 5 Hike Low GTX, This shoe is waterproof, allowing you to hike in it whether in the rain or sunshine. The Vibram® Megagrip provides you with traction on all types of surfaces and in all technical terrains.

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