Five Tech Mats for Better Living

1. Higher Dose Infrared Mat

This is a revolutionary mat that is recommended for people who are experiencing body aches and spasms due to stress from work. The mat is made from high-quality materials giving comfort to the user, the mat emits infrared that deeply penetrates the body helping the muscles recover from the stress.

2. Higher Dose Infrared Pemf Go Mat

This is an Infrared Mat that can be used in offices because it can be placed on office chairs as a way of relieving the stress and muscle tension in the lower back. Despite its compact design it still effectivity remains the same, due to its compact design it can fit into any bag without worrying about being a bulky mat during travels.

3. Higher Dose Mat Cover

It is designed as a cover for the Infrared Mat which additional comfort, and heat protection while relaxing, it is made from high-quality fabric that will not cause any skin allergies and it is safe for sensitive skin. The 65% cotton and 35% rayon will ensure its users that it will eliminate the body odor that might get in contact with the fabric.

4. Infrared Sauna Blanket

This is a highly advanced blanket that increases the body’s thermal making it sweat to relieve the body toxins, stress, and unwanted fat making it a revolutionary blanket. Its material is top of the line which makes it capable of standing the test of time, making it a great investment for people who wants to keep sweating and in time will lead to losing that unwanted fat.

5. Infrared Sauna Blanket Insert

It is a supremely soft and absorbent blanket for those who still prefer to keep their clothes on while sweating, it is still as effective as what an infrared blanket could do but in a more conservative way.

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