KEUNE CARE Derma Activate Shampoo

Thinning Hair Adversely Affects The Appearance And Self-esteem Of A Person.

Hence the KEUNE CARE Derma Activate Shampoo has been formulated for those who have a sensitive scalp with fine hair and suffer from hair loss.

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The shampoo will make the hair stronger, reducing hair fall significantly. The essential minerals in the shampoo combine with Vitamin H to prevent or postpone the early stages of hair loss. Vitamin H provides keratin for improving the strength of the hair, to reduce hair loss. The Provitamin B5 keeps the hair moisturized. while proteins make the hair look thicker, giving volume. Polymers are also included in the shampoo, to make it easier to comb the hair.

Since the hair becomes more elastic and stronger, it is less likely to be affected by adverse weather, rough use, and hair fall will reduce.

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The shampoo should be applied to the scalp and hair, and then massaged using the palm so that it is properly applied. After some time, the hair should be rinsed thoroughly to wash it.

The Shampoo May Be Applied Repeatedly.

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