Men’s Watches That are Setting Trends: Show Off Your Style and Persona

Men’s watches are elegant pieces of jewelry that never go out of style, they are useful for you to know the time of day, but they are also versatile fashion accessories that look good with casual and formal outfits. The Men’s watch you choose will directly depend on your style and personality.

We recommend the following 8 men’s watches

1. The Monster GMT Automatic 40mm

It is a stylish and functional watch suitable for travelers. It is designed with a fourth hand that rotates only once every 24 hours, making it suitable for different time zones. This elegant piece of jewelry is made of stainless steel and is highly resistant, it can be used in land and water areas because it has a 10 ATM rating.

2. The Runwell Automatic 45mm

This men’s watch has a classic design and is considered a unique piece of jewelry. It stands out for its handcrafted design and for being equipped with the Runwell sub-second function. It is made with a leather strap and is available in different shades so that the user can create the perfect outfit.

3. The Black Blizzard 48mm

It is a classic and durable watch that maintains the essence and the American spirit. The Black Blizzard 48mm stands out for being designed with a sapphire crystal, sports 3 eye chrono, and is made with resistant titanium.

4. The Runwell 41mm

It is a watch with a classic and elegant design that combines different shades. It is designed with clear numbers so you can see the time comfortably and is made of stainless steel, you can choose different shades of leather straps according to your style.

5. The Canfield Sport 40mm

It is a high-quality watch that stands out for being designed with a stainless steel case and fixed bezel with a black ceramic insert. It is a versatile piece of jewelry that combines with different types of outfits.

6. The Spartan Detrola 43mm

This Men’s watch is characterized by being elegant and timeless, that is, you can wear it with casual and formal outfits. It is designed with a stainless steel core and a deep green dial. A piece of jewelry that combines classic and modern design.

7. The Bronze Monster Automatic 43mm

It is a classic design watch that never goes out of style. It is designed with a bronze case, with dark colors, and with a leather strap so that you can wear an outfit according to your style and personality.

8. The Runwell Sport Chrono 48mm

This Men’s watch is a high-quality and elegant piece of jewelry, it is designed with a midnight blue dial, stopwatch capabilities, a midnight blue unidirectional turning bezel, and a stainless steel bracelet. A sports watch that is setting trends.

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