Represent Boston With These 8 T-shirts & Hoodies From Boston Scally.

Boston Scally is known for their high-quality apparel which truly represents the Boston culture, and in this post, we will share with you 8 t-shirts & hoodies from the company.

1. The Original Tee - Grey

The Original Tee is made for those who want something durable yet comfortable made with the Boston culture in mind. This shirt is soft to the touch, whisking away any sweat and odor. It has a minimal and tough look, which makes it versatile for any occasion that requires a t-shirt.

2. Boston Scally The Tee

The Scally The Tee features a man boldly printed around the company’s logo, and this represents the hardworking yet humble ancestry of Bostonians. This shirt is made from some of the highest-grade materials available making it durable and comfortable to wear.

3. The Shamrock Hoodie

Show the world where you hail from with the Shamrock Hoodie. This hoodie boldly showcases the bright green colors of Boston with the Mayflower on the left. The mobility of this shirt makes it flexible for all activities including raising your hand to signal the bartender to get you another round of beer.

4. The Bruin Dubliner

Finding the perfect shirt when planning to hang out with your friends to support any Boston sports team wouldn’t be a hassle if you have the Buri Dubliner. Besides being a limited edition shirt, this shirt is slim-fit, and soft allowing you to move freely while watching our teams win.

5. The Holiday Hoodie

Get into the spirit of Christmas with this Holiday Hoodie. It is made of cotton and polyester which keeps you warmer in the cold. The little “B” in green on the shirt doesn’t only showcases the company’s logo, but the Hub of the Universe.

6. The Cape Codder Pocket Tee

Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is super soft and makes the perfect shirt for a hot summer day. The shirt takes its inspiration from Massachusetts cape cod, which is a true representation of the land of Boston. It also comes with a little pocket for your tiny gadgets.

7. The Basic Pocket Tee

For the Townies that want a minimalistic shirt, the Basic Pocket Tee is for you. This slim-fit shirt features one solid color with the “B” symbol subtly embroidered on the pocket. It is 100% ringspun cotton; therefore, you know you can wear it for hours without any sweat or scent.

8. The Celtic Hoodie

Support the Boston Celtics wherever you are in the world with this Celtic Hoodie. Everything about this hoodie showcases the Boston culture, including its quality and the freedom of mobility you get with this hoodie.

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