The 8 Best Mz Wallace Messenger Bags

There is no denying the beauty of the high-end leather bags from MZ Wallace of New York. There is a signature look to the quilted leather and branding that sets them apart. There is also a surprisingly practical range of crossbody messenger bags. Here are 8 of the best.

1. Metro Flat Crossbody

First up, we have something with a pretty standard design, but in high-end materials. This flat crossbody bag has a thick adjustable strap that makes it great for secure days out. There is a secondary pocket on the front and some nice neutral color options.

2. Small Sutton Deluxe

This first bag has a lot of appeal on several occasions. The quilted look on the leather has a casual look on the crossbody, but that strap is detachable to turn it into a more stylish handbag. It comes in several colors and has numerous pockets too.

3. Crosby Drawstring Bucket

This one is nice for those looking for something cuter and more laid back. The bucker bag shape means it is spacious enough for everyday use, but the drawstring makes it more delicate, as does the thin strap. The soft pale colors work well here.

4. Micro Crosby

Just in case people do want to go even smaller for the bare essentials on a night out, there is this miniature version. There is the same practical feel with the choice of the crossbody strap or cord handle. There is also a front pocket for personal items.

5. Large Crosby Pippa

Alternatively, you could go bigger and opt for a larger bag. This one is nice and roomy so you can throw a lot more into your bag or a full day out. There are also plenty of additional pockets However, the tone of the patterned leather and the thin leather crossbody strap make it feel a lot classier.

6. Small Emily Crossbody

This one does things a little differently. There is a different elegance and style here with the taper rectangular shape, the fun contrasting piping, and the chain for the strap. This is one for important nights out.

7. Madison Crossbody

There is an understated timeless look to this narrow back, especially in black. The detachable crossbody strap is helpful, but this also works great as a clutch. It is simple and stylish.

8. Crosby Luna

Finally, there is something completely different for added wow factor. This crescent-shaped bag may not be as practical as others, but it retains the same quality materials and signature features.

Where there is a clear signature style to these beautiful MZ Wallace messenger bags, there is also a broad range of designs. Fans can truly find something for all occasions.

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