The Best Rugs in 2023

1. The Thatcher Rose Oushak Loom & Co X Pepper

Originating from India, this product is prepared by hand and is made of 100 % wool. Now that each item is made with the hands, the items are unique and peculiar in their own ways and are not identical. The product matches very well with both modern and traditional color schemes. Bearing in mind the high quality of this product, this item attracts a price of $ 899.2.

2. Loomi Moss Oushak Loom & Co X Pepper

This is an appealing and warm product for use. It can be used on its own or it can be used for blending in. If the client needs a customized product, then this can be arranged. It is woven by hand from India and the artisans are highly skilled and experienced. With the strong aesthetics of this product, its price of $ 810, is definitely worth it.

3. Suzy Steel Oushak Loom & Co X Pepper

Made in India, this scallop and palm make your room stand out and attract a lot of attention. It makes a perfect combination of modern Deco styles and art deco. The hue is universally appealing and elevated. This product is made by hand and is made of 100 % wool. Each item made in this category is unique. This product attracts a price of $ 810.

4. Emma Sky Oushak Loom & Co X Pepper

Made in India, this unique product is made by hand by the best artisans in the country. This product makes beautiful lines across your floor. Crafting by hand means that every item will come unique and can be customized according to the individual needs and preferences of the client. This product goes for $ 810, a favorable price when compared to the benefits accrued.

5. Loom & Co X Pepper Rug Color Card

This color card comes in a deconstructed form. It has strong aesthetics and makes the room look very unique. In addition to that, this color card helps in palette perfection and color matching. This card goes for only $ 10.

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