The Best Small Leather Goods You Can Use

The best small leather goods you can use

Leather is a high-quality, elegant, and durable material, used to make small useful items and eye-catching fashion accessories. It should be noted that small leather goods are suitable for users who like ecological and handmade items since sustainable fashion is currently setting the trend.

We recommend the following 8 small leather goods

1 Mini Travel Case

It is a high-quality product made with Argentine leather. In the Mini Travel Case with dimensions of H 3.25 in. x W 5.5in. x D 2 in, you can store various items needed for your trip. Choose the right shade according to your personality and style

2 Leather Travel Case Set

This product from the small leather goods category has dimensions of H 7 in. x W 12in. x D 3.5in. It is made with high-quality Argentine leather, and you can choose between different pastels or light tones. In the Leather Travel Case Set, you will keep your items well organized.

3 Jewelry Case

It is an elegant travel jewelry box made of natural Italian leather. It has an innovative design to keep your jewelry safe. The Jewelry Case impresses with its proven high quality. Dimensions: H 1.9 in. x W 6.2in. xD 4.3in.

4 Leather Wellness Case

This high-quality product is handcrafted from Italian leather. It is designed to properly organize beauty products, but it is a stylish product that cannot be missing from your dressing table. The Leather Wellness Case has the following dimensions: H 7.48 in x W 7.48 in x D 4.92 in.

5 Slim Wristlet Wallet

In this stylish accessory, you can carry a variety of items. The Slim Wristlet Wallet is made with Italian leather and is available in different pastel shades so you can combine your casual outfits. Dimensions: W: 8.6 in. x H: 5.5in. and Wristlet length: 6.5 in.

6 Mini Zipper Pouch

This product from the category of small leather goods is suitable for you to use daily or when traveling. It is made of high-quality Italian leather and is very spacious, so it allows you to store small items, makeup, and credit or debit cards. Dimensions: H 6in. x W 7.9in. x D 1.6in.

7 Alpaca Keychain

It is a practical and fun accessory made with Italian leather, it allows you to carry your keys safely, and you can carry it in your bag or belt. Dimensions: H 6.5in. x W 2.5in. x D 0.1 in.

8 System Laptop Sleeve

It is an artisan quality product made with natural Italian leather. It is available in two sizes and in different colors that can be combined with your outfits. The System Laptop Sleeve has a sleek design and is suitable for transporting technology devices and other items to work or when traveling.

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