Top 7 Nutrafol Products To Add to Your Hair Routine

Are you looking for a natural or science-backed approach to healthy hair? Nutrafol products are physician-formulated to support your bio-specific needs. Whether you want to increase volume, reduce breakage, or make your hair visibly thicker, there’s a formula for you. Here are the top 7 products to add to your hair routine.

1. Postpartum

If you want thicker and fuller hair, the Postpartum is for you. It’s rich in ingredients like Tocotrienol complex, marine collagen, and DHA Omega-3. This formula targets the causes of thinning like nutritional depletion, hormonal changes, and emotional stress to boost hair growth. It’s breastfeeding-friendly to fill your post-natal nutritional gaps.

2. Women’s Vegan

If you’re experiencing signs of hair thinning, the Women’s Vegan Nutrafol should be part of your wellness routine. Once you apply on the scalp, your hair thickens and grows faster. Even better, this formula is 100% vegan and backed by science. After 6 months, you’ll see more scalp coverage.

3. Women’s Balance

Designed for women above 45 years, the Women’s Balance will stop hair thinning. It’s physician-formulated to help you achieve thicker and fuller hair. And because the ingredients are 100% natural, it targets signs of aging. After 6 months, you’ll see improvement in brittleness and dryness.

4. Nutrafol Women

Backed by clinically-tested ingredients, this supplement fights hair thinning and shedding. After six months of use, your hair will grow faster, stronger, and longer. In addition, you’ll experience less stress and improved sleep quality. To get visible results, you should take four capsules a day. This product is gluten-free and has no artificial additives.

5. Proactive Thinning

This product proactively targets genetic predispositions that can cause hair thinning- stress, hormonal imbalance, and poor nutrition. Other than that, it increases sensitivity to the DHT hormone. After six months, you’ll experience visibly thicker hair and a fuller scalp. For the best results, you should take four capsules daily. Proactive Thinning is formulated without drugs, additives, soy, dairy, or gluten.

6. Conditioner

This product is physician-formulated to protect your hair against damage. It improves elasticity to ensure your hair stays strong and healthy. One thing that makes this conditioner unique is the science-backed ingredients. To start with, the Sea Buckthorn improves elasticity and locks moisture. It’s also rich in Ximenia oil to provide intense moisture. Lastly, this product is rich in arginine to protect the hair against future damage.

7. Hair Serum

If you want visibly thicker hair, this hair serum is for you. It features natural ingredients to keep your hair stronger. To start with, Ashwagandha is rich in RNA and protein for healthy-looking hair. Another important ingredient is Pea Sprout Extract – it promotes visible thickness. For the best results, you should apply the serum lightly over the hair and massage you’re your fingertips.

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