Top 8 Exfoliator That Reduces All Kind Of Skin Related Issues

Exfoliator is an important part of skincare regime that helps in improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

Top 8 exfoliator that reduces all kind of skin related issues

1. Vitamin C Fix Scrub

It is the most invigorating, effective and non abrasive facial scrub that works like wonders for improving the skin tone and brightening your skin. The presence of Vitamin C helps in lightening dark spots, correcting hyper pigmentation and boosting collagen production.

2. Salicylic Fix Night Pads

The best way to reduce acne and breakouts is by using this product that works like magic for unclogging the trapped oil and dirt in the pores. Amazing ingredients like Salicylic acid, Hyaluronic acid and phytofuse rejuvenate helps in adding moisture to the skin and reduce skin flaking and dryness.

3. Salicylic Fix Spot Patches

The presence of tea tree and salicylic acid accelerates the healing time and it also prevents scarring and breakouts. The use of spot patches helps in reducing the presence of bacteria so that you will get a clear, clean and beautiful skin.

4. Glycolic Fix Body Scrub

This product is a treat for the body as it is formulated with especially picked ingredients like glycolic acid and white castor beads. The scrub works like magic for dissolving dead skin cells, stimulating collagen production and refining skin texture which is done with soothing moisturizer for keeping your skin soft and supple.

5. Skin Cycling Kit

Replenishing and hydrating your skin with the help of this kit helps in reducing blemishes, fine lines, marks and pigmentation. Retinol and glycolic acid can transform your dull, blemish prone and pigmented skin into a smooth, beautiful and attractive looking skin. Enjoy the best addition to your exfoliation routine by choosing this kit so you will no longer feel greasiness on the skin.

6. Salicylic Fix Tonic

This toner easily removes congestion and replenishing and balancing sebum without stripping the skin out of the essential nutrients. Salicylic acids help in fighting blemishes and blackheads and the anti inflammatory witch hazel promotes healing of the broken skin.

7. Teen Skin Fix Spot Zap

The best way to prevent acne and breakouts is with this advanced blemish treatment gel as it accelerates the skin healing process. Wasabi extract possess microbial properties and glycerin and witch hazel for preventing flaky dryness and skin discomfort.

8. Salicylic Fix Concentrate Extreme 2%

Whether you want to clear skin pores, reduced enlarged pores or smoothen skin tone, you should add his product to the skincare routine. Lotus flower extract, Niacinamide and salicylic acids works in combination for treating skin issues like blemishes and blackheads.

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