Top 8 Must-have Shirts

In this Men’s shirt guide, we have carefully selected 8 functional, luxurious-looking, and aesthetically pleasing shirts that are comfortable to wear whiles getting you all the compliments you deserve.

1. Short-sleeve Stretch Playa Shirt

Look great during summer or at your favorite house party with this classic button-up short-sleeve stretch Playa shirt. This shirt fits great revealing your body’s contour, it is also made of breathable materials; hence, you do not have to worry about sweat.

2. The Surf Flannel

The Surf flannel is the ideal layering shirt that provides you with an airy-styling experience. It is a relaxed fit, made of 100% cotton, making it soft to the touch and breathable. The double chest pockets do not also make the shirt aesthetically-pleasing, but give you space to store all your small items.

3. Linen Laguna Shirt

We all know long-sleeve shirts can be sweaty; however, with the Linen Laguna Shirt, you can look classy in your Linen Laguna shirt without having the stress of sweating. The shirt is super lightweight and it is ideal for all occasions,

4. The Movement Shirt

If you prefer a more formal look, then the Movement Shirt is what you need. It is crafted with 55% Supima Cotton, 25% Recycled Nylon, 16% Lyocell, and 4% Elastane, which gives it that soft feel and wrinkle-resistant property. This shirt can be worn alone or pair it with your sports coat to look more sophisticated.

5. Short Sleeve Breeze Shirt

The Short Sleeve Breeze Shirt is fabricated with 53% hemp and coupled with 45% lyocell which simultaneously protects your skin against UV radiation, and regulates your body’s temperature, making it the ideal summer outfit.

6. All Day Air Upf Shirt

The All Day Air UPF shirt makes you stand out of the crowd with its popping Hawaii flower patterns. This relaxed outfit is designed with 100% polyester which makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. It comes with tons of pockets making storage a breeze mirroring the breeze feel of the shirt.

7. Reserve Natural Performance Shirt

The reverse natural performance shirt is the perfect semi-formal shirt for your occasions. The shirt features minimal detailing which is vibrant but still subtle. It is a relaxed fit with some tapering at the waist. It is made from 54% Cotton, 43% Tencel, and 3% Elastane, which work together to give the shirt a soft touch and a moisture-wicking feature.

8.Movementâ„¢ Short-sleeve Polo

Introducing the Movement Short-sleeve polo, a fashionable and versatile shirt that can be worn to offices, parties, and barbecues. It features a relaxed design which makes it comfortable to wear. The shirt is crafted with a 53% Pima cotton shirt offering you a luxurious look with breathable and soft touch functionality.

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