Top 8 Sunglasses For Your Outdoor Adventures

Sunglasses come in different lenses and frame colors. Whether you want classic glasses or a pair to keep you protected, you can find a style that suits you best. Here are the top 8 sunglasses for your outdoor adventures.

1.649 Original

These sunglasses bring a timeless appeal to the wearer. They are constructed with aviator frames to help you indulge in luxury. The larger lens provides a comfortable fit. They also work well for those with a nose bridge above the pupils. Other signature features include a black frame and green lens. The measurements are 54 -20-140.

2. PO3314s

Available in six colors, the PO3314S sunglasses will make you stand out from the crowd. They feature a thoughtful design. The frame material is acetate paired with a crystal lens. The front color is Terra Di Siena, while the lens color is dark blue. These sunglasses suit those who want to cover a larger portion of their face.

3. PO3019S

If you’re looking for sunglasses with a large fitting, you can’t go wrong with the PO3019S model. They feature a square-shaped style for extreme functionality and elegance. The front color is Havana, and the lens color is green. The measurements are 52-18-14. It’s worth mentioning the PO30195S model is designed for people who want to cover a large portion of their face.

4. PO3108S

These unisex sunglasses are designed for folks who want to cover a large portion of their face. The lens color is light blue, and the front color is black. But what makes these sunglasses unique is the material. The crystal lenses guarantee the best visual clarity. This style is inspired by typewriters.

5. PO3272S

Made in Italy, the PO3272S model gives a distinct personality. The full acetate frames will make you shine out in the crowd. These glasses come with polar black lenses. They can accommodate the shape of most people but work well for those who want to cover a portion of their face. The measurements are 53-20-145.

6. P3269S

These glasses offer the best seasonal colorway. They feature a unique Terra Di Siena color, and the lenses are light blue. Even better, the frame comes with emblematic retro elements – this is what makes these glasses the perfect fit for a seasonal getaway. Although these sunglasses match most face shapes, they work well for folks who prefer to cover a portion of their face.

7. PO2803S

These glasses give the perfect mix of modern and vintage looks. One feature that makes these versatile classics unique is the color. The frame is made of acetate, while the lens has green polarized color. Measuring 58-16-140, these glasses are perfect for those who want to cover part of their face.

8. PO3315S

These glasses feature the rectangular acetate sun style. They come in different colors including, Meflecto, Miele with Silver arrows, and Terra di Siena. The PO3315S model is designed for wide fitting to suit the needs of those who want to cover a large portion of their face.

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