Top 8 Yoga Props and Accessories To Include In Your Workout Routine

Yoga props and accessories can help you with more challenging poses. They include blankets, bolsters, mats, blocks, and more. If you want to take your yoga practice to the next level, our curated selection will boost your inspiration.

1. Enlight Cushion Meditation

Made of natural wool, the ENLIGHT cushion offers ultimate comfort in your yoga sessions. The cover features a fabric that won’t break down over time. This cushion is also springy, odor resistant, and non-allergenic. This wool is also OEKO certified – no carcinogenic colorants, pesticides, NPEO, or APEO. When it’s time to clean, you simply remove the cover and cold machine wash on like colors.

2. Cork Yoga Block

This is a high-quality yoga block with comfortable contoured edges. It’s made of fine-grain cork that weighs less than coarse-grain cork. The dimensions are 4” X 6” X 9”, so you enjoy the firmness not found in common blocks. It’s also easy to care for and has no toxic chemicals.

3. Cotton Blanket

This Peruvian cotton yoga blanket is the perfect companion for your home or studio yoga. You can roll or fold it the way you want. With a cotton-polyester-rayon-acrylic blend, you don’t expect pilling after washing. The edges are also stitched to prevent fraying. To clean this blanket, you should machine wash it with like colors.

4. Align the Yoga Strap

Available in seven different colors, the Align Yoga Strap will give you the support you need in your practice. It’s made of natural cotton with no AZO dyes. Additionally, this strap comes with interlocking buckles to ensure you get the necessary support no matter the challenge.

5. Wool Rectangular Bolster

Made of New Zealand merino wool and recycled polyester, this bolster brings comfort to your yoga workouts. The superior cushioning is the foundation of balance. At 2.5 lbs., Manduka rectangular bolster offers the best performance and versatility. The manufacturer recommends dry cleaning – no soaking or ironing.

6. Recycled Wool Blanket

This wool blanket measures 82” x 60” (length and width). It’s moldable to your body to suit natural poses. The dense stretch-resistant upper resists pilling after washing, while the edges are stitched to prevent fraying. You should wash your wool blanket with mild detergent and hang it on the line – no tumble dry.

7. UNBLOCK Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Want to take your yoga steps further? At 0.8 lbs, this block is perfect for your workout routine. It’s slip-resistant and comes with a comfortable contoured design. The general guideline for cleaning is to keep this yoga block away from sunlight.

8. Yoga with Adriene Yoga Block

Available in elderberry/rock color, this yoga block is designed to inspire your practice. It features recycled EVA foam to give unbeatable support and comfort. Other signature details include soft surface texture, slip resistance, and comfortable grip.

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