3 Hair Care Solutions for 3 Common Hair Issues

3 Hair Care Solutions for 3 Common Hair Issues Restore Volume and Texture to Your Crowning Glory

Hello, beautiful. Let me ask you, are you ready to fall in love with your hair all over again? We’re here to share with you 3 incredible methods for transforming your damaged locks into a gorgeous, head-turning tress. Get ready for a hair routine that is easy and simple to do. Say goodbye to lifeless hair and say hello to beautiful silky-smooth locks. Follow the steps in this article, and you’ll have yourself gorgeous locks in no time.

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3 Hair Care Solutions for 3 Common Hair Issues

1) Dry & Damaged Hair

* SHAMPOO: due to your hair’s lack of moisture and its tendency for breakage, brittleness, and dullness. We recommend the Hydrate Shampoo, this will help restore your hair’s natural oils as well fix those rough, straw-like strands.

* DEEP CONDITIONER: due to the current state of your hair. You need to use a deep conditioning mask such as this one from Color Fanatic¬†. Using this will restore your hair’s elasticity and soften all those damaged locks. Only use once per week.

* LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: to protect the recovery of your hair. Use Nanoworks’ Gold Conditioner, this will nourish and repair your hair, protecting your hair from the heat, detangling damaged locks, and help induce intense hydration to produce healthy long-lasting results.

2) Oily Hair

* CLARIFYING SHAMPOO: To cleanse your hair deeply and remove any excess oil, impurities, or product buildup. Use a clarifying shampoo such as the Pure Volume Shampoo, once or twice per week. These not only cleanse your hair but restores much-needed nutrients for healthy hair hydration.

* DRY SHAMPOO: To produces excess oil due to its exposure to dirt, heat, the foods that you eat, and more. To absorb and dry, it’s best to use the Dry Shampoo Refresh & Go. This will absorb excess oil and sebum, adding volume and texture to your hair. Leave you fresh and revitalized.

3) Colored-Treated hair

* SHAMPOO FOR COLOR-TREATED HAIR: to preserve your color-treated hair from fading or becoming dull. Use the Strength Cure Shampoo, this gentle shampoo was specifically created to help hydrate and restore your hair vitality through its rich lather that even adds a layer of protection from environmental pollutants after rinsing thoroughly.

* CONDITIONING TREATMENT: To add back volume and texture to your hair, use the Strength Cure Conditioner, this gentle conditioner restores moisture and hydrates your dry, brittle-feeling hair as well as protects your hair from fading, detangling and enhancing your hair’s shine and luster.

* UV PROTECTION: Your color-treated hair is constantly exposed to the harsh elements, by using Color Fanatic’s Leave-In Spray. It adds a shield for your hair helping retain moisture, frizz control, and prevents sun damage. Protecting and restoring your gorgeous locks all at the same time

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