8 Beautiful and Timeless Women’s Wedding Rings

Finding the perfect wedding ring can be overwhelming, even if you have a specific style in mind. There are numerous wedding bands with varying precious metals. Some of the common metals that are used to make wedding rings include platinum, diamond, and gold. Each person has unique tastes and preferences; therefore, it is important to choose a ring that will make you happy. Below are 8 women’s wedding rings:

1. Wedding Ring in 14k White Gold

The white gold wedding ring is the most budget-friendly and universal option. It comes in different sizes. Choose a size that will fit you perfectly. This ring incorporates the most popular style of rings. It is lightweight; therefore, you can comfortably wear it every day.

2. Classic Wedding Ring in Platinum

The platinum wedding ring is timeless. It is light enough to wear every day. Its style showcases its aesthetic value. In addition, it has a highly polished finish that makes it shine. Ring width starts at 2 mm and goes on up to 7 mm.

3. Classic Wedding Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

It is made up of a lightweight metal that makes it ideal for everyday wear. This ring has a height of 1.14 mm. Its design and style will complement your outfits. Most people invest in this ring because it is high-quality and cost-friendly.

4. Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring

Diamond is a precious metal that glitters in a wedding ring. The diamond is incorporated into a 14k white gold ring. Your partner will appreciate this wedding ring because it is a piece of art.

5. Petite Micropavé Diamond Ring

Diamond carats are incorporated in platinum metal to make the ring shine bright. It comes in various sizes; therefore, ensure you order the right size. It has a height of 1.7 mm and the width ranges from 1.5 mm to 1.7 mm.

6. Floating Diamond Wedding Ring

The size of the Floating Diamond Wedding Ring starts from 3 mm to 10 mm. This ring features 14k white gold. Celebrate your special day with this stunning ring. It has a height of 1.8 mm and a width of 2.2 mm.

7. Riviera Pavé Ring in Platinum

The size of the Riviera Pavé Ring ranges from 2.5 mm to 10 mm. It is made up of platinum metal, which is durable and timeless. It is a beautiful ring for anniversaries and weddings. It has a height of 2.1 mm and a width of 2.6 mm.

8. Floating Diamond Ring in Platinum

Platinum is the main metal for this wedding ring. Diamond carats are improves their style. In addition, they make the ring shine and glitter. It has a height of 1.8 mm and the width ranges from 2.0 mm to 2.2 mm.

These are great and timeless wedding rings that you will find on the market. These rings contain precious metals, including gold, platinum, and diamond.

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