8 Exquisite and Timeless Necklaces

An exquisite necklace can add style to your outfit. In addition, it can make a perfect gift for both men and women. In the current era, there are numerous types of necklaces. Most of them hold sentimental value. These necklaces are made from precious stones and metals, such as gold and diamond. Below are 8 exquisite necklaces:

1. 14K Gold Alphabet Necklace

It is a custom necklace that comes with your name’s initial letter. The Alphabet Necklace is timeliness and precious. It can make the perfect gift because you already know the initial letter of the recipient. In addition, it comes in an array of sizes.

2. Diamond Pavé Heart Charm Necklace

It has thirteen pavé diamonds. These diamonds make it shine flawlessly. The total carat weight of the gold is 0.65. Additionally, the pavé heart measurement is 5 mm by 4 mm. It has a spring ring closure.

3. Pearl Newport Necklace

This necklace has a modern and classic feel. It contains ten pearls that are incorporated in a 14K gold chain. You can wear the pearl necklace with different outfits. Most people invest in it because it is timeless and lightweight. Also, it is fashionable.

4. Diamond Cluster Necklace

It is a piece of precious everyday jewelry. The Diamond Cluster Necklace contains a quartet of diamonds that make it shine bright. You can customize this necklace because it has an adjustable 14K gold chain. Its total carat weight is 0.075. It has a spring ring closure.

5. Diamond and Opal Necklace

Opal and diamond look great on a necklace. The Diamond and Opal Necklace contains a round-cut diamond, an adjustable chain, and teardrop opal. You need to invest in this necklace because it is eye-catching and lightweight. The total carat weight of the opal in this necklace is 0.04.

6. Floating Diamond Necklace

It is a unique necklace that features a laser-cut diamond that floats on your skin. You can pair it with all your everyday wear. The carat weight of the diamond is 0.07. In addition, it comes with a spring ring closure.

7. Diamond Bee Necklace

The Diamond Bee Necklace features 11 diamonds and an adjustable 14k solid gold chain. Also, it has a citrine gemstone. It is a statement-making necklace that goes well with a simple tee. In addition, it is compatible with other Diamond Charm collections. The total carat weight is 0.003.

8. Diamond Wilshire Necklace

It is a timeless necklace that contains pave diamonds and a 14k gold chain. The interlocking circles in this necklace symbolize love and unity. This feature makes it an ideal gift for special occasions. The total carat weight is 0.105. It comes with a spring ring closure.

Exquisite necklaces are timeless and perfect gifts. Choose a necklace that will satisfy your tastes and preferences.

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