Discover the Finest Bath and Body Care Essentials from Origins

Indulging in self-care rituals is an essential part of maintaining our overall well-being. One of the most luxurious ways to pamper ourselves is by investing in high-quality bath and body care products. If you’re searching for the perfect blend of nature, science, and wellness, look no further than Origins. Renowned for their commitment to clean and effective skincare, Origins offers a remarkable range of bath and body care essentials designed to nourish, rejuvenate, and revitalize your skin.

1. GINGER SOUFFLE™ Whipped Body Cream

The Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream helps to immediately absorb into your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and delicately fragranced with the sweetest notes of ginger. The

whipped base of this cream contains shea butter and jojoba oil, which are known to help nourish your skin’s natural lipid barrier.

2. GINZING™Ultra Hydrating, Energy-Boosting Cream

GINZING™Ultra Hydrating, Energy-Boosting Cream is a luxuriously indulgent moisturizer that helps your skin to lock in long-lasting hydration and provides an immediate burst of intense moisture upon application. This weightless body cream gently melts into your skin, blending with the natural oil on your skin to quickly restore a smooth, supple and youthful appearance.

3. GINGER BURST™ Savory Body Wash

GINGER BURST™ Savory Body Wash is an invigorating, lathery wash with the unmistakable zing of ginger. Ginger is one of the most powerful herbs for your beauty routine because it contains potent antioxidants that fight free radicals and help keep your skin looking young.

4. PEACE OF MIND™ On-The-Spot Relief

This lightweight moisturizer is designed to be the ultimate solution to soothe inflamed skin and target blemishes. It contains salicylic acid, which exfoliates skin by shedding away dead skin cells and excess oil.

5. DRINK UP™ Nourishing Avocado Lip Butter

DRINK UP™ Nourishing Avocado Lip Butter is a sweet, nourishing and deeply hydrating lip balm that forms a quick-drying protective layer on the lips. It comes in five different flavors – strawberry banana, mango passion, coconut passion, tangerine passion and vanilla orange sherbert – and provides light hydration for up to 24 hours.

6. MAKE A DIFFERENCE™ Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

The Origins MAKE A DIFFERENCE™ Rejuvenating Hand Treatment soothes dry skin, helps to repair damage, provides a rich layer of protection, and provides a delicious hand cream scent. Containing jojoba oil and glycerin, this creamy balm is a multi-tasking moisturizer that reduces the visible signs of aging.

7. REINVENTING THE HEEL™ Mega-Moisture For Dry, Cracked Feet

The Origins REINVENTING THE HEEL™ Mega-Moisture For Dry, Cracked Feet is a deeply nourishing foot cream that provides lasting relief from dry, cracked, rough feet. This intensive moisturizer deeply penetrates into your skin and contains natural shea butter to help repair your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

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