Top 7 Perfume Sets to Offer Mesmerizing Fragrance for The Amazing Smell

1. Outdoorsy Set

This perfume set offers a perfect combination of Sequoia by Abbott, Gone Hiking by Homesick, and Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser. You can easily choose your favorite perfume according to your preferences with the use of a Pura smart fragrance diffuser. The selection of the fragrance can be done with your Smartphone on the app and also with Google Assistant and Alexa at home.

2. Cucumber & Mint Car Set

This perfume set consists of Pura Car smart fragrance diffuser and Cucumber & Mint fragrance cartridge. You will love the premium and comforting fragrance in your car when you use these long-lasting scent cartridges with the help of smart control. The automatic options allow you to use this perfume set conveniently and according to your preferences with the touch of a button.

3. Costal Palm Car Set

The mesmerizing scent of Coastal Palm perfume and the car smart fragrance diffuser transports you to a different place. It is a tropical blend of driftwood, plumeria, and ocean mist so that you will experience a coastal trip-like feeling. Your car will be filled with premium fragrance so that you will be drifted away into a dream while you enjoy the smell.

4. Ivory Woods Car Set

It is an amazing perfume set for your car that comes with a smart fragrance diffuser for a cool and woody scent. It creates a cool and icy escape when you enjoy the mesmerizing smell of Ivory wood so that every drive is customized according to your preferences.

5. Kenneth Cole Set

This is an elegant and sophisticated perfume set that creates a vibrant and calming feel. You can use this fragrance to uplift the overall environment so that it adds comfort and style to your everyday look. the two signature scents are used in the Para diffuser for creating a perfect blend of sweet and spicy musk.

6. For Her Set

The two signature scents of Paddywax’s Bamboo & Green Tea and Elis Brooklyn’s RROSE create a perfect environment. It comes with a Pura Smart fragrance diffuser and the playfully fresh fragrance is inspired by the beauty of nature. For enhancing your fragrance experience, you can choose any preferred fragrance for an amazing smell.

7. Linens & Surf Car Set

Choosing this perfume set will make your car smell great with the fresh marine scent. The fragrance is inspired by the beaches and sea so you will love every drive when you use this set in your car.

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